I founded Blais Consulting Inc. in 2006, after having worked first in community advocacy and then for 15 years as a policy analyst for the Ontario provincial government and then with the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Throughout my career, I have been interested in a couple of main issues: all aspects of labour market policy and work life, fairness and equity in employment and cultural diversity. I have been fortunate to be able to combine these interests into a consulting career where I can apply my skills and knowledge to projects that are interesting, ethical and intellectually challenging.

I do policy, research and evaluation work for regulatory bodies, national professional and certification bodies, post-secondary institutions and community organizations. My primary focus has been on initiatives to improve access to full labour market integration for specific groups that have experienced challenges to professional registration and employment. However, I am also increasingly engaged in health research, including looking at health care delivery and scope of practice issues.

I bring many strengths to my consulting role: a tenacious approach to research; good relationship-building skills; strong policy analysis experience; very competent public speaking skills; an extensive knowledge of the regulation of professions across Canada; in-depth knowledge of employment, human rights and fairness legislation; excellent understanding of the challenges of labour market participation and integration; and knowledge of labour mobility issues. When other types of specific capabilities are required, such as statistical analysis, exam or quality assurance expertise, I work with affiliate consultants who can contribute their particular skills and talents.

I am bilingual (English and French). A particular focus of national projects in which I have been involved is the sharing of ideas and initiatives between predominantly English- and French-speaking jurisdictions in Canada.

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