Paulette Blais

BA (Honours) Anthropology, Master’s in Industrial Relations

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Paulette is best known for her work as a detailed and enthusiastic researcher who is always keen to work with different professions and client groups and wrestle with new and complex research questions. She is also a skilled policy analyst and has provided policy analysis services as an Ontario government employee and as a consultant to over 20 regulated professions in Ontario and across Canada. In recent years she has expanded her practice and focus to include more evaluation work.


From time to time I work with other skilled consultants with complementary skills.

Marla NayerMarla Nayer

Educational Assessment Consultant, PT, PhD,

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Marla is known for her work in high stakes testing, including both written (MCQ, key feature and short answer question) and clinical (OSCE) format exams. She currently consults with University of Toronto on assessment of learners and curriculum development. This includes co-teaching a graduate level course on the assessment of learners in field based education in the health professions. Another major focus of her work is the development, administration and evaluation of quality assurance programs for regulatory colleges, both provincially and nationally.